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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 19098066, Entry date: 06/21/2004

WinCC ProAgent V6.0 SP1 available now

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The WinCC option package SIMATIC WinCC/ProAgent Version 6.0 SP1 is now available. Among other things, this new version includes the following function expansions compared to Version 6.0:
  • Expansion of the ProAgent unit selection dialog

  • Free assignment of the units

  • Transfer of alarms also for a reinserted PLC

  • Processing of process control group alarms

  • Display of the step chain following a connection interruption


Product Description

General Information:

  • WinCC/ProAgent V6.0 SP1 is the process diagnostics option package for WinCC V6.0 SP2.
  • WinCC/ProAgent V6.0 SP1 is released for the same operating system platforms as WinCC V6.0 SP2.
  • WinCC/ProAgent V6.0  SP1 is only released as single-user system for WinCC V6.0 SP2.
  • ProAgent supplements SIMATIC WinCC with process diagnostics functions based on S7-PDIAG V5.1 or higher, S7-GRAPH V5.3 or higher and STEP7 V5.3 or higher.

To upgrade to the current version of WinCC/ProAgent, an Upgrade V4.x/5.x > V6.0 SP1 is offered.

The manuals (German, English, French) in pdf format are located on the product CD-ROM in the folder \documents\.

Function Expansions:

The function expansions are described in the attachment.


WinCC/ProAgent V6.0 SP1 is not released for the online generation. 

Connection to the SIMATIC S7:

Possible connection types of the process diagnostics with the SIMATIC S7 and WinCC/ProAgent:

  • MPI
  • Industrial Ethernet ISO Protocol (H1)
  • TCP/IP
  • WinAC Slot PLC
  • WinAC Soft PLC

Tag Management:

WinCC/ProAgent generates 2 tags per S7 connection. These tags need to be covered by the existing WinCC tag license.


Option WinCC/ProAgent V6.0 SP1:

Product Name

Order Number

WinCC / ProAgent V6.0 SP1 1)


WinCC / ProAgent Upgrade from
V4.x, V5.x to V6.0 SP1 1)


1) Not multi-user-system-capable

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