Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 19102565, Entry date: 07/26/2013

Which memory cards can you use with an S7-300 CPU?

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The attached download shows the S7-300 CPUs and the SIMATIC memory cards to be used with them.

Here we distinguish between the memory card types below:

  • MC (Memory Card)
    You can use an MC with older S7-300 CPUs with MC Slot.
    Dimensions: 57mm x 45mm x 7mm
  • MMC (Micro Memory Card)
    An MMC is imperative for operating all current S7-300 CPUs. 
    Dimensions: 32mm x 24 mm x 1mm

Fig. 01 MC on left and MMC on right

S7-300_Memorycard.pdf ( 76 KB )