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Which connector cables are available for connecting to SIMATIC Panels?

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The Excel table below gives you an overview of which plug-in connecting cables of the HMI operator panels are supported for the configuration download, firmware updates and for resetting to factory settings, and the process connection to CPUs.

WinCC_communication_cable.xls ( 97 KB )

Key of the supported functions:

  • P -- Process connection
  • K -- Optional process connection
  • D -- Download (update operating system, project download, ...)
  • U -- Operating system update (reset to factory settings)

"ST 80" Catalog
Additional information on the topic of "Connector cables for connecting to SIMATIC Panels" is available in the "ST 80 Catalog" which you can download as PDF document at this link:

On the website that is opened you enter "ST 80" under "Filter".
A table of the possible connections is given in chapter 2 in the section headed "SIMATIC HMI Accessories - Connector cables".

More information on this topic

  • USB host-to-host cables
    Information on the topic of "USB host-to-host cables" is available in Entry ID: 19142034
  • USB PC adapter (6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0, discontinued)
    The USB PC adapter provides an MPI/DP interface via the PC's USB interface.
    Information about the USB PC adapter is available in the manual in Entry ID: 16983464
  • USB PC adapter A2 (6GK1 571-0BA00-0AA0)
    The USB PC adapter A2 provides an MPI/DP interface through the PC's USB interface.
    Information about the USB PC adapter A2 is available in the manual in Entry ID: 68849363
  • The "USB PC adapter" and "USB PC adapter A2" are released only for the devices below for project downloads and operating system updates. 
    • OP 73
    • OP 77 A
    • TP 177 A
    • KTP600 Basic Color DP
    • KTP1000 Basic Color DP
  • Using USB RS232 adapters and
    USB Ethernet adapters
    When using the RS232/PPI Multi-Master cable, zero modem cable or Ethernet connections, you can use only the "real" interfaces for project transfer.
    "Real" interfaces are interfaces without prior implementation via USB. This means that you cannot use any "USB to serial" or "USB to Ethernet" adapters.
  • Use of external storage media
    Information about the interfaces of currently available operator panels is available in Entry ID: 21847868.

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