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Which hardware can be connected to the USB port on HMI operator panels?

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Connection of external devices to the USB port of HMI operator panels.

Configuration Note
You can connect the devices listed below to the USB port of HMI operator panels.

Device Comments
USB mouse
USB keyboard
The operating system of the operator panels does not support German umlaut characters.
Basic Panels 2nd Generation do not have Windows CE.
USB keyboard with trackball or touchpad The following operator panels were tested by way of example with both keyboards.
  • MP277
  • TP177B
  • ThinClient

The operating system of the operator panels does not support German umlaut characters.

USB stick See Entry ID: 21847868.
USB printer See Entry ID: 11376409.
Basic Panels 2nd Generation do not support printers.
Mobile hand-held barcode reader for 1D / 2D codes Recommended hand-held barcode readers

Please note that you can only use hand-held barcode readers which convert the barcode internally into an ASCII keyboard code.

Fig. 01


As far as operator panels are concerned, the hand-held barcode readers operate as keyboards. To read a value into an operator panel, you must put the focus on an input field. To transfer the value directly into the variable of the text field the scan procedure must be terminated with an ENTER (CR).
You enable the ENTER function by scanning the corresponding DMC code in the manual.

A detailed description of the devices is available in the relevant manuals in the following entry IDs.

  • SIMATIC MV320/ SIMATIC MV325 (Entry ID 78905254).
  • SIMATIC MV340 (Entry ID 61909865).
USB Hub 4
The Industrial USB Hub 4 primarily serves as USB hub for the connection of peripheral devices to Panels, Multi Panels and Panel PCs with integrated USB port. The simultaneous connection of up to four peripheral devices - such as USB stick, printer, keyboard, mouse, hand-held barcode reader - to one panel is possible with the Industrial USB Hub 4.

Fig. 02

More information on the Industrial USB Hub is available in the Catalog ST80 and Entry ID: 23577105.


  • The above recommendations do not reflect any official endorsement of equipment - except for the Industrial USB Hub 4. They simply represent a recommendation which is based on previous experience. In other words, responsibility for the use of these devices rests with you.
  • The current carrying capacity of the USB port differs depending on the type of operator panel. Refer to the relevant device manual in each case for precise specifications. It might therefore be necessary to provide an extra power supply for the device connected, for example, via the Industrial USB Hub 4.

Additional Keywords
USB devices, Trackball, Barcode scanner, Data Matrix Code, DMC

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