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How do you read the current MPI / PROFIBUS address on a Windows CE panel?

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Reading out the current address
You can read out the current MPI / PROFIBUS address for the panel in the Control Panel under "S7 Transfer Settings > Properties".

Fig. 01 - Transfer Settings

The panel's MPI / PROFIBUS address is set in the relevant control parameters in the "Controllers" menu in the ProTool project and in the "Connections" menu in WinCC flexible. Once the project has been transferred to the panel and runtime has been started, the panel copies the MPI / PROFIBUS address setting from the project.

An MPI / PROFIBUS address can be set in the actual panel under "Control Panel > S7 Transfer Settings > Properties". However, this only applies to the MPI/PROFIBUS transfer - i.e. the address is only valid if no runtime has started on the panel. Once runtime is started on the panel, the panel adopts the MPI / PROFIBUS address set in the transferred ProTool project under "Controllers".

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Fig. 02 - MPI address

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Fig. 03 - PROFIBUS address

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