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Back up and Recovery of a Hard Drive via the Network

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How can I back up and recover a complete hard drive (file server)?

Precondition is a functioning network. In below example the file server uses Windows 2000 as operating system with the following settings: network connection via TCP/IP with the IP address: and subnet mask: 

Creation of a Hard Drive Back-up (Creating ghost)

  1. Boot PC that needs back up with CD SIMATIC PC/PG Image Creator. 
  2. In the first menu choose your language with number key 1 to 5.
  3. Activate network support with number key 1.
  4. Choose "Enter manually static IP address" with number key 2.
  5. Enter now the IP address of the PC to be backed up (e. g.
  6. Enter now the data for the respective subnet mask (e. g.
  7. Check and confirm or correct your entered data of the IP address and subnet mask.
  8. Write in your user name with which you can access the file server.
  9. Enter now the respective password.
  10. Connect up to the back up drive of the file server with "net use .." as shown on screen. 
    This drive must me authorized at the file server. 
  11. Start the back up program via file GHOST.BAT.
  12. Choose menu Local > Data medium > To Ghost
  13. Choose the source drive that needs backing up.
  14. Choose the target drive on the file server.
  15. Now select target drive and enter file name of the back up file.
  16. Choose now the type of compressing ("fast" is recommended)
  17. Now confirm the creation of the ghost file.
  18. Wait until the creation of the ghost file is completed and continue with button "Continue".
    The back up program return to the main menu.

Recovery of a Hard Drive (Retransferring an Image )

  1. Do above 1-11. 
  2. Choose the menu Local > Data medium > From Ghost
  3. Now choose the source drive of the file server, on which the ghost file exists.
  4. Now choose the source folder on the sourve drive and select the file name of the back up file which you want to retransfer.
  5. Now select the target drive on your PC.
  6. Confirm your choice via "OK"
  7. Now click "Yes" for the recovery of your target drive.

    Data on your target drive will be overwritten and will be lost irrevocably!

  8. Wait until the cration of the ghost file has been completed successfully and continue with "Continue".
    The back up program will return to the main menu.

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