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Connection to the SIMATIC WinCC flexible Sm@rtServer gets lost (with active screensaver or "Shut Down")

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As soon as I lock my workstation (PC) with "SIMATIC WinCC flexible Sm@rtServer" running (e.g. via Ctrl+Alt+Del and "Lock Computer"), or the screensaver becomes active, my Sm@rtClients lose their connection to the Sm@rtServer. What settings do I have to make to avoid this?

If the Sm@rtServer is not running as a utility on the server operator panel, then the connection set up with the Sm@rtClient application is interrupted automatically as soon as you press the key combination Ctrl+Alt+Del on the server control panel or the screensaver becomes active. Proceed as follows to avoid this:

  • Start the Windows Control Panel.
  • To have the Sm@rtServer run as a utility you must got to "Internet Settings", select the "Remote" tab and enable the check box "Start automatically after booting". 

Fig. 1: Setting Sm@rtServer as utility 

  • Then reboot the computer.

This description is also available in the "WinCC flexible Information System" under the keyword "Utility", in the section entitled "What can Sm@rtAccess and Sm@rtService do?".

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