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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 19250828, Entry date: 12/13/2007

How do you obtain detailed information about compilation errors?

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Through PCS 7 V6.1 SP1 the SCL source "@SCLFileFromCFC_SFC_1" is created each time the user program is compiled. From PCS 7 V7.0 this source is only created if the "Generate SCL source" check box is checked in the "Compile program" dialog window. If this source already exists, it is overwritten. The source is located in the SIMATIC Manager under "Project > SIMATIC...> S7 Program... > Sources".
This source can give you detailed information if compilation of the SCL source generates errors.

If a program is compiled from the CFC and an error is generated, which cannot be attributed to a specific block, you can open @SCLFileFromCFC_SFC_1 and compile the source code from the SCL editor. The same error as in the CFC error log will  be in a debug window via which you can jump to the line of the code that triggered the error.


  • After compilation, information and any warnings and error messages are displayed in the lower window (debug window). Scroll up to the top in the debug window and always evaluate the error messages one after the other starting at the top.
  • If, for example, you double-click on a line in the debug window, the cursor jumps to the associated line in the source code window. Double-click on the error message in the debug window. Now you can analyze the line of the source code that caused the compilation error. It might also happen that the actual cause of error is in a preceding line of the source code.
  • Changes in the SCL source followed by manual compilation should always only be made in a copy of your project. This retains the delta loading functionality in the original project.
  • For example, Entry ID 24411828 uses the SCL source code to localize the error message "Maximum length of code area reached (max. 64 Kbytes)".


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