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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 19257092, Entry date: 07/28/2004

Routing of S7 and of Data Sets (PROFIBUS DP) via the Link Gateway IE/PB

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Is it possible to route data sets (PROFIBUS DP) and S7 via the IE/PB link gateway?

The IE/PB link gateway - as an autonomous component- represents the seamless transition between Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS.

Besides PROFInet communication services, it additionally provides the subsequent functions:

  • S7 Routing
    S7 routing ensures PG/OP communication transcending networks. All S7 stations of PROFIBUS can be programmed from the distance from PG towards Industrial Ethernet. Moreover, data of S7 stations at the PROFIBUS can be accessed from panel stations (e.g. WinCC flexible RT) at the Industrial Ethernet.

Fig. 1: S7 Routing via IE/PB Link Gateway

  • Data Set Routing (PROFIBUS DP)
    The IE/PB link gateway can be used as router for data sets that are directed to field devices (DP slaves). Thus, PG/PCs that are not linked to PROFIBUS, and hence do not have a direct access on field devices are able to transfer data sets to field devices via IE/PB link gateway. E. g. by means of SIMATIC PDM on a PC at the Industrial Ethernet, you can parameterize and diagnose a  PROFIBUS via IE/PB link gateway.

Fig. 2: Data Set Routing via IE/PB Link Gateway

More information on IE/PB link gateway can be found in the manual "SIMATIC NET Net transition IE/PB Link Gateway" under Entry-ID: 7851748 or in the online help of STEP 7.

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