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Important Notes on the Use of a CP5511 in a Laptop (Microsoft Windows 2000/XP)

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What has to be considered before using a CP5511 in a laptop of more recent type (as of 2002)?


Please observe the following procedure:

  1. Verify all RAM areas that can be used by the CP 
    • Choose the menu item Start > Settings > Control Panel .
    • Inside control panel, choose symbol System.
    • In the following window, choose System Properties, choose the tab Hardware and click Device Manager.


Fig. 1: Menu "Device Manager"

  • In menu  View > Resources by Type, choose menu item Memory.


Fig. 2: Overview of Free and Assigned Memory

The CP5511 needs free memory areas in the Segment D

  • Verify whether those areas are not assigned by other components such as graphic card, network adapter or mother board. 
    If this is the case, a remedy is provided in Entry-ID: 9853739

  1. Verify Interrupts

In menu View > Ressources by Type choose menu item Interrupt Request.

  • Basic requirement of using the CP5511 is a free interrupt that is exclusively used by the adapter card.
  • If a free interrupt is not available, select an interrupt that is rarely needed -also see Entry-ID 12259435.

    Do not use a shared interrupt!

Fig. 3: Overview of Free and Assigned Interrupts

  1. Verify Properties of the PCMCIA Controller
    • The PCMCIA controller in the device manager is in View > Devices By Type 

Fig. 4: Selection of PCMCIA Controllers in the Listing Devices of the Laptop

  • The controller must comply with slot type II (16 bit). Usually, the laptops of later design use cardbus controllers, that either support 16/32 bit or only 32 bit.
  • Verify in your records (documentation of the laptop) which controller type is used.
  • If your laptop has a cardbus controller that exclusively supports 32 bit, you have to use a CP 5512 instead of a CP5511 (see Entry-ID 18874144).

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