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S7-200 PC Access V1.0 Help System

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S7-200 PC Access is an OPC Server that can be used to communicate with S7-200 PLC's.  You can see an overview of the product in the product Delivery Release with the Entry ID 19298708.   With the downloaded file on this page you can open and view the complete Help System from the PC Access software.  This Help system can be used as a manual by opening up the Help system printing out the major sections.  



NOTE:  The Help system file is automatically installed with the S7-200 PC Access software.  There is no need to download and install this file separately if the S7-200 PC Access software is already installed.   

NOTE:  This file is tested with Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP3 or greater) and Windows XP (Professional or Home) operating systems.  It is not guaranteed to work on other operating systems. 

1.  To download the file, right-mouse click on the filename, and select 'Save Target As...'.  You will be prompted for a directory in which to store the file. 

2.  Once the file has been downloaded to your hard drive, double click on it and it will open.

3.  The Help information is separated into 2 major sections, Getting Started Manual and Help Topics.  To print either section:  (a) click on the section to highlight it.  (b) Press the Print button in the upper toolbar.  You will be prompted to select what topics you wish to print.  (c) To print the entire category, select the second selection titled 'Print the selected heading and all subtopics'.


    Download the S7-200 PC V1.0 Access Help System:

In GERMAN:   PCAConfigA.chm ( 1710 KB )  

In ENGLISH:   PCAConfigB.chm ( 1676 KB )    

In FRENCH:   PCAConfigC.chm ( 1723 KB )  

In SPANISH:   PCAConfigD.chm ( 1697 KB )

In ITALIAN:   PCAConfigE.chm ( 1735 KB )

In CHINESE:   PCAConfigK.chm ( 1744 KB )

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