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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 19348145, Entry date: 08/18/2004

Hotfix 1 for STEP 5 V7.23

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The Hotfix 1 for STEP 5 V7.23 is now available 

Corrections implemented: 

  • Online problems with a AS511 link with the Field PG in ACPI mode and CPU 928 (specific FW versions) corrected in RUN.
  • Error when loading blocks with the Field PG in ACPI mode via MUX757 corrected. 
  • When transferring OB type blocks with byte PLCs (except CPU945), blocks OB32 to OB34 are now also accounted for correctly.
  • Problem when printing (LAD/ STL) both of FBs and PBs has been corrected. 

The Hotfix can be used for the following STEP 5 versions: · 

  • STEP 5 Basis package V7.23 and higher, or
  • STEP 5 for Mini PLCs V7.23 and higher

Installation hints:

Please note the detailled hints on installation in the file S5UPD.TXT 

Download Hotfix 1 for STEP 5 V7.23 S5723HF1.zip and higher

 S5723HF1.zip ( 3598 KB )  

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