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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 19355387, Entry date: 08/20/2004

S5-115U/135U/155U: S5 Standard Function Blocks of S7-300 Analog Blocks in ET 200M

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Which standard function blocks of S5 are available for S7-300 analog block in the ET 200M?

Please note this entry only holds for the blocks stated in the enclosed README file.

The following standard function blocks of S5 are available as S5 file together with programming examples.

  • In file ANA_S7ST.S5D released for S5-115U with CPU941-944
    • FB34: AN_EIN_F: Reading Analog Value (set point)
    • FB35: AN_AUS_F: Output Analog Value (set point)

  • In file ANAG_S7ST.S5D released for S5-115U - CPU945, S5-135U - CPU922, CPU928, CPU928B, S5-155U - CPU946/947, CPU948
    • FB34: AN_EIN_F : Reading Analog Value (set point)
    • FB35: AN_AUS_F : Output Analog Value (set point)
    • FB36: AN_EIN_G : Reading Analog Value (floating point)
    • FB37: AN_AUS_G : Output Analog Value (floating point)
ANA_S7ST.exe ( 30 KB )  

ANAGS7ST.exe ( 29 KB )  

  README_e.pdf ( 114 KB )  

The programming instructions describe the use of standard function blocks FB34...FB37. They serve controlling S7 analog blocks in a ET 200M from a S5 PLC. Prerequisites of using these standard function blocks is setting parameters "Format of analog values to S5 format" of the ET 200M. The interface between S5-CPU and ET 200M is implemented via PROFIBUS-DP with the interface modules IM-308C in the PLC of the S5 and IM153-1 in the distributed periphery device ET 200M of S7.

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