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Settings of the DPRAM area and interrupt for CP5412(A1)

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Which settings of the DPRAM area and interrupt are required for CP5412 (A1)?

CP5412(A1) is supplied with the following bridge settings for the standard applications:
- DPRAM address: D0000
- Interrupt vector: 12

In order to be able to configure CP5412 for your applications, please not the following setting options.

Fig. 1: Layout of the module

  1. Settings of the DPRAM address
    CP5412 has a dual-port RAM (DPRAM) with a size of 64 Kbytes, via which data is transferred between the host (PC) and the CP. The DPRAM can be set by hardware to any 64-Kbyte limit from 0 to FF0000. Only the addresses D0000 and E0000 are supported by TF5412/MSDOS, Windows.

Fig. 2: Setting the DPRAM address

The DPRAM area set also has to be made in the "config.sys", i.e. in the settings of "emm386" there is then, for example, the parameter X=D000-DFFF.

  1. Settings of the hardware interrupt
    The interrupt vector is configured by the relevant bridge settings on the CP5412. The presetting is interrupt vector 12. 
    If this is occupied by another module, you have to select another interrupt vector. Other interrupts are 10, 11 and 15. If the interrupt you select is also occupied by another module (e.g. CP1413) and the associated driver has not been started, then it might be the case that the interrupt line concerned is set to ground. In this case CP5412 cannot generate any interrupt to the PC. If none of the possible interrupt vectors is available, then remove one of the modules occupying one of the interrupts.

Fig. 3: Setting the interrupt vectors

Jumper 1-3 = INT 10
Jumper 3-5 = INT 11
Jumper 2-4 = INT 12
Jumper 4-6 = INT 15

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