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Switching off remanent markers with S7-200

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How can I switch off the remanence of the markers with S7-200 markers?

If you are using STEP 7 Micro/WIN32 version V3.x or higher, in the system block under the "Remanent areas" option you can select a different "Data area" instead of "MB", e.g. "VB".
Alternatively you can also remove the default settings by activating the "Delete" function in the column concerned.
In this way you can also deselect the remanence function for all areas.

You can not disable remanence by changing the settings from "MB" "Initial address" = 0 and "Number of elements" = 0.
In this case you get the following error message when you transfer the system data block:

"You have specified an illegal parameter in the configuration"


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