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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 19395643, Entry date: 08/23/2004

Functional Restrictions for CP 5614, CP 5614 FO and CP 5614 A2

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With immediate effect the use of two or more CPs 5614, CPs 5614 FO or CPs 5614 A2, as DP slave in a PC has been prohibited.  

Description of the problem:
As soon as more than 2 CPs 5614, CPs 5614 FO or CPs 5614 A2 are used as DP slaves in a PC with only one user application, the status information will be overwritten. The last existing status information will be displayed as current data for both DP slaves. 
This problem affects the user applications via DLL, as well as the DP-OPC servers.
If two user applications (not valid for OPC clients) are used for one CP 5614, CP 5614 FO or CP 5614 A2 each, the problem will not occur. 

Affected software versions:

- SIMATIC NET CD 05/2000 incl. all Service Packs
    - SIMATIC NET CD 07/2001 incl. all Service Packs
    - SIMATIC NET CD 11/2002 incl. all Service Packs
    - SIMATIC NET CD 11/2003
    - Development Kit DK-5613 up to and including version V3.1   

The functional restriction will be released with Service Pack 1 for the SIMATIC NET CD 11/2003.
At present, the functional restriction for the Development Kit DK-5613 cannot be lifted.

Please get in touch with your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office if you have any further questions.



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