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How can you change the ProTool default alarm window setting in WinCC flexible?

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Proceed a follows to change the ProTool default alarm window setting in WinCC flexible:

In WinCC flexible you set a "alarm window" in the "Template" dialog. In the Properties of the "alarm window" you can now define which alarm classes are to be displayed in this alarm window. For example, you can also create multiple alarm windows and assign an alarm class to each alarm window separately.

In order to have just the system alarms displayed, for example, you proceed as follows.

In the project directory Pictures > Template you insert an alarm window from the menu window Tools > Advanced Object . You define the position and the devices of the alarm window as you wish.
Below you see the basic settings. You can make other settings at any time to suit our personal requirements.

  1. General:
    Set the options boxes to:
    • Display > Alarms > Pending alarms
    • Alarm classes > System 

Fig. 1: General

  1. Properties:
    Set the options boxes to:
Mode > Window > Automatic display

Fig. 2: Properties

The alarm window configured is now displayed automatically when a system alarm occurs. The alarm window is closed again after the time set in the project directory Alarms > Settings > Alarm Settings.

  Fig. 3: Alarm settings ( 38 KB )   

Displaying / closing layers
In the example above "Layer 1" has been assigned to the alarm window in the Properties of the alarm window.

Fig. 4: Alarm window "Layer 1"

In the configuration interface the alarm window is displayed in the background of newly created pictures. If you do not want this, you can deselect Layer 1 in the Properties of the "Template" picture by selecting Properties > Layers. Then the alarm window concerned is closed and can then no longer be seen in this configuration interface.

Fig. 5: Picture property "Template"

More detailed information is available in the Online Help under the keyword "Working with layers".