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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 19465684, Entry date: 11/02/2004

Release for general availability MCIS TPM V1.3

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Effective immediately, we are releasing the TPM Machine V1.3 software from the Motion Control Information System - product family for general availability. 

New functionality in SW release TPM V1.3:

  • TPM General:

  • The TPM packages are installed using the product key printed on the CoL. This means that all of the data mediums are identical. The product key uniquely defines the TPM packages.

  • Languages supported - Chinese and Russian (unicode-capability)

  • Additional softkey for a 2nd PDF document (e.g. for expanded/extended measures and location description)

  • Open communications: 3rd party OPC servers are integrated including the length data for the PLC read/write area

  • An area reserved specifically for TPM in the PLC (DB19 from DBD270 to DBD394)

  • Group acknowledgement (multi-select) of activities

  • Now, in addition to the PLC clock cycle and PC time, MCIS MDA counters can be used to trigger service/maintenance activities (this requires MCIS MDA)

  • The "traffic signal" display checks the availability of the network/database connection (when the database is disconnected: Red X)

  • TPM activities can be brought forward/shifted by entering an out-of-validity date (spontaneous/delayed service/maintenance)

  • User administration for acknowledgement dialog (optionally with password input).

  • Numerous improvements:

  • Installation has been simplified thanks to the product key (the "Product Key" is printed on the CoL under "Comment")   

  • The contents of the "measures" field are displayed as quick info in the footer area ("measures" field can be up to 256 characters)

  • The last filter setting is saved

  • "Blank" is permitted in the path name

  • Acrobat reader objects in the background that are not required can be deleted          

  • The column width of the tables "Actual activities" and "Completed activities" can be set 
    (data save is referred to the station, columns can be suppressed, reset knob to re-display)

  • TPM Machine / TPM IFC (for use on SINUMERIK PCU50):

  • SINUMERIK XP Look&Feel can be activated (3D buttons)

  • TPM Cell / TPM Plant:

  • Station selection of networked machines in a tree-type structure (Treeview)

  • Improved handling of unstable network connections (if there is no connection, then the traffic light symbol has a cross through it)

  • TPM HMI (for use on a standard PC):

  • PC Look&Feel with menu and symbol bar as an alternative to classic L operator control can be selected

  • Print functionality has been expanded with print preview

  • TPM ConfigTool:

  • User administration/management has been extended by a key-operated switch interrogation

  • The export function of activities (softkey <Export>) has been shifted from TPM Machine into the TPM ConfigTool

  • Increased degree of security by a password prompt when starting

  • Database/station name can be configured/modified in ConfigTool

  • TPM ExcelTool (requires Excel 2000 and later):

  • Interval types, system trees, PLC clock cycle assignment, service groups can be defined in the Excel-based tool

  • Higher-level Excel-based tool to create all of the import/export files, direct import/export from the database (ADO database connection). High security by prompting for a password using a direct import into the TPM DB 

Trial licenses (demo versions) of TPM Machine or TPM Cell can be ordered for test purposes in the form of a restricted trial license (MRPD [Machine Readable Product Designation] - Order No. - refer below). Restriction: When starting TPM, measures with a service/maintenance interval  > 24 hours are automatically reduced to max. 24 hours in the database.

For more detailed information, please contact your local Siemens office.

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