Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 19550739, Entry date: 10/08/2004

PROFIBUS communications between Windows-based operator panel (configured with WinCC flexible 2004) and WinAC Basis / WinAC RTX V4.0

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What should you watch out for in the communications between a WinAC Basis/ WinAC RTX V4.0 and higher and a Windows-based operator panel configured with WinCC flexible 2004?

This entry provides instructions for configuring the link between the WinAC and a Windows-based operator panel configured with WinCC flexible 2004 via PROFIBUS.


  • MS Windows 2000 SP4 or MS Windows XP SP1
  • WinAC Basis V4.0 or RTX V4.0 and higher
  • WinCC flexible 2004
  • SIMATIC NET CD 11/2003
  • STEP 7 V5.3 SP1

Configuring the SIMATIC PC station for the WinAC

  • Open the SIMATIC Manager and create a new STEP 7 project.
  • Add a PC station via Insert > Station > SIMATIC PC Station.
  • Double-click Configuration to open the Hardware Configuration of the PC station.

Fig. 1: Adding a PC station to the STEP 7 project

  • Insert the relevant WinLC, for example WinLC Basis V4.1 (from the Hardware Catalog SIMATIC PC Station > Controller), into the rack of the PC station at Index 2.
  • Insert the relevant PROFIBUS CP, for example 5611, as IF module of the WinLC Basis and network this with PROFIBUS DP.

WinLC RTX can be operated only with CP5613.

Fig. 2: Insert WinLC and CP5611

  • Save and compile the configuration.
  • Open the Station Configuration Editor on the WinAC computer.
  • The table in the Station Configuration Editor must match the assignment of the rack in the SIMATIC PC station.

The IF module is inserted in the Properties of the WinLC in the Station Configuration Editor. For this the CP must be in the configured mode.

  • In order to load the configuration into the WinAC the name of the PC station in the SIMATIC Manager must match the station name in the Station Configuration Editor on the WinAC computer.

Fig. 3: Station Configuration Editor

  • Also on the STEP 7 configuration PC you must change the PG/PC interface to the relevant type of transfer (here: S7ONLINE (STEP 7) --> CP5611 (PROFIBUS)).
  • Start the WinAC controller.
  • Load the STEP 7 project into the WinLC.

More detailed information on transferring the STEP 7 project to the WinAC is available in Entry ID: 18602609.

Configuring the SIMATIC HMI station for the Windows-based panel

  • Insert a SIMATIC HMI station via Insert > Station.

Fig. 4: Inserting a SIMATIC HMI station

  • Select the appropriate operator panel.

Fig. 5: Selecting the operator panel

  • Open the configuration of the SIMATIC HMI station.

Fig. 6: Configuration of the HMI station

  • Network the interface "HMI MPI/DP" with the PROFIBUS subnetwork of the WinLC.

Fig. 7: Networking HMI MPI/DP

  • Save and close the configuration.
  • Navigate in the SIMATIC Manager via the SIMATIC HMI STATION to WinCC flexible RT > Communications > Connections and double-click Connections in the right-hand project window. WinCC flexible 2004 opens.
  • Enable the displayed connection between the Windows-based operator panel and the WinLC.

Fig. 8: Enabling the connection in WinCC flexible 2004 ( 92 KB )  

  • You can then continue to configure the Windows-based operator panel in WinCC flexible 2004 (variables, pictures, messages ...).