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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 1957448, Entry date: 02/14/2008

Why are only 1000 messages shown in the archive window although there are more in the archive?

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The display is restricted to 1000 for the sake of performance. This gives the impression that only 1000 messages are in the archive, but this does not reflect the actual number of messages in the archive. Generally the last 1000 messages are displayed.

However, this behavior of the Alarm Control is only found in single-station mode. The following entry provides detailed performance data of the WinCC Alarm Control: Entry ID 26330600.
You can find the relevant description in the WinCC information system under "Performance Data > Alarm Logging".

By making specific selections you have the option of accessing the older messages in the archive. It is best to make these selections such that they do not contain more than 1000 messages.

Your archive is set up for 3000 messages. You have divided your system into 4 parts.

  1. Set the relevant message class for each part of the system.
  2. Distributed the configured individual messages to these classes.
  3. Create message windows with selections according to class.

Now, if the maximum number of messages does not exceed 1000, then in the Archive View you will see all the messages for that particular part of the system.

This is just an example of how to get round this behavior. You can, of course, use other selections.


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