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How do you do an operating system update on operator panels or perform a "Reset to factory settings"?

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Below we provide you with an overview of when you must update an operating system and how to do the update depending on the software used.

Explanation of terms "Operating System Update" and "Reset to factory settings"
With an operating system update you delete the following data on an operator panel:

  • WinCC (TIA Portal) or WinCC flexible configurations
  • User administration
  • Recipes

When you do a reset to factory settings you also delete:

  • Licenses

Before making an update or reset you should correspondingly make a backup of this data using ProSave and the ALM.
You should do a reset to factory settings by preference for repairing operator panels with damaged operating systems that are otherwise no longer operable.

The following documents provide instructions for operating system updates and resetting to factory settings depending on the configuration software and the operator panels being used.

  1. "Operating System Update" and "Reset to Factory Settings" with
    WinCC (TIA Portal)

The PDF document includes instructions for how to do an "Operating system update" or "Reset to factory settings" (booting) using the WinCC (TIA Portal) software.

With WinCC V11 and higher you no longer need an operating system update in the different versions (for example, WinCC V11 SP1, WinCC V11 SP2, etc.). When you transfer a project, all the currently associated system files (DLLs) are also transferred automatically to the operator panel. The Basic Panels are the exception here.

Attachment 1: WinCC_TIA_Portal.pdf ( 489 KB )

1 Operating System Update with WinCC (TIA Portal)
     1.1 Operating System Update (OS Update)
     1.2 Reset Operator Panel to Factory Settings (Booting)
          1.2.1 Operator Panel with Defective Operating System
          1.2.2 Operator Panel with Intact Operating System
2 Further Information
     2.1 Cable Connection between PC and Operator Panel
          2.1.1 Operating System Update
          2.1.2 Reset Operator Panel to Factory Settings (Booting)
     2.2 Set Image Path / File in ProSave
          2.2.1 Image Path in WinCC (TIA Portal)
          2.2.2 Image Path in WinCC flexible 2008
     2.3 Determine MAC Address
3 Problem Analysis
     3.1 Disconnection of RS232/PPI Multi Master Cable
     3.2 Check Box Cannot be Selected in ProSave
     3.3 Check Box Cannot be Deselected in ProSave
     3.4 Error Message when Transferring the Configuration
     3.5 Connection to Operator Panel Cannot be Established
          3.5.1 Check Transfer Type and Address on the Operator Panel
          3.5.2 Check Cable Connection and Connectors
          3.5.3 Check PG/PC Interface on the Configuration Computer.

  1. "Reset to factory settings" with WinCC (TIA Portal) and Basic Panels 2nd Generation
    To reset Basic Panels 2nd Generation (KTP400 Basic, KTP700 Basic / KTP700 Basic DP, KTP900 Basic, KTP1200 Basic / KTP1200 Basic DP) to factory settings you use a USB memory stick that you you have prepared with the corresponding USB Recovery Software as described in Entry ID 109744950.

  2. "Operating system update" or "Reset to factory settings" with WinCC flexible

The PDF document includes instructions for how to do an "Operating system update" or "Reset to factory settings" (booting) using the WinCC flexible software.

Attachment 2: WinCC_flexible.pdf (784 KB)     

4. "Operating System Update" and "Reset to Factory Settings" with ProSave (Stand alone)

The PDF document includes instructions for how to do an "Operating system update" or "Reset to factory settings" (booting) using the ProSave software.

  19701610_prosave_1_2_e.pdf (1,1 MB)

System Events
The following table gives an excerpt of possible system events when the configuration is to be transferred to the operator panel and the operating system version of the operator panel does not match the installed Engineering Software.

No image found. Waiting for image update…,
Incorrect operating system version on the operator panel. Update the operating system? (0800:000011)
Downloading is not possible. The "version of the device" in your WinCC flexible project and the version of the operating system of the device are not compatible. Do you want to update the operating system of the HMI device?
Transfer is not possible. The "version of the operator panel" in your WinCC flexible project and the version of the operating system of the operator panel are not compatible. Please perform an operating system update for the operator panel with the command "Project > Transfer > OS Update" ("Reset to factory settings" if necessary).
Table 01

Further Information
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Table 02

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