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How should you proceed if installation of the SIMATIC NET PC software is not completed successfully?

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Installation of the SIMATIC NET PC software is not completed successfully

If installation of the SIMATIC NET PC software is not completed successfully, make the following basic checks and take the measures below.

  • Do you have unrestricted local administrator rights? (Recommendation: be logged on as user = "Administrator").
  • Is the SIMATIC NET PC software released for the Microsoft Windows operating system being used?
    Information about the compatibility of SIMATIC NET PC software with Microsoft Windows operating systems is available in this entry: 64847781.
  • Is there enough memory available on your hard disk for installing the SIMATIC NET PC software?
  • Are the TMP directories empty?
    Files stored by previously activated setups can affect installation of the SIMATIC NET PC software.

If all the checks and measures recommended above do not result in successful installation of the SIMATIC NET PC software, then start the "collectdata.exe" or "collectdata_64.exe" program included in the "CollectData.zip" file. The "collectdata.exe" program supports 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems. If you have a 64-bit Microsoft operating system, you should use the "collectdata_64.exe" program.

 Registrierung notwendig  collectdata.zip (2,2 MB)

Save and unpack the "collectdata.zip" file in a directory on your PC.
Copy the "collectdata.exe" or "collectdata_64.exe" file into a temporary directory on the PC where the SIMATIC NET PC software installation is to be checked.
Then start the "collectdata.exe" or "collectdata_64.exe" program. The "collectdata.exe" or "collectdata_64.exe" program creates a subfolder named "CollectInfo" and collects trace and log files as well as Registry entries. The collected trace and log files and the Registry entries are stored in the "CollectInfo" subfolder.
Zip the "CollectInfo" subfolder.

At the link below you send the zipped "CollectInfo" subfolder to Technical Support using a Support Request:


  • If an error message is issued when installing the SIMATIC NET PC software, make a screenshot of the error message. Save the screenshot of the error message and send this also to Technical Support.
  • In Windows, select the menu command "Start > Run...". Enter the "msinfo32" command and save the information about the operating system/computer hardware. Send the saved system information also to Technical Support.

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