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TPM with Unicode: Characters are represented e.g. as "||||" in MCIS TPM.

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MCIS TPM, version 1.3 or later, with Unicode characters: Unicode characters are not represented in TPM Machine, TPM Cell, TPM Plant, TPM HMI, TPM (only strokes printed in bold ||||||||||).

This effect is due to the fact that the font for Unicode has not been installed.Start the PCU in Windows service mode.Start the TPM - ConfigTool under f:\add_on\tpm\bin\In the TPM ConfigTool, open the menu item View -> Define font ... and navigate to the arialuni.ttf file.This file is stored in the XLS_TOOL folder of the TPM installation directory (f:\add_on\tpm).Next, restart MCIS TPM.Unicode characters can now be represented.
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