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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 19868341, Entry date: 12/07/2004

6RA70, SIMOREG DC Master; Unwarranted F030 with fault value 2

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During commissioning or normal operation of SIMOREG 6RA70 DC Master drives, fault F030 is sometimes triggered sporadically for no justifiable reason.
What could be the cause?




SIMEA DT LD was currently developing an optional add-on component, the 6RA70 CCP, for the 6RA70 DC Master drives generation. This component will provide protection for the drive and semiconductor fuses particularly in the case of inverter commutation failure in regenerative feedback mode, a state in which very high currents occur.
For this purpose, a commutation monitoring function and an adapted overcurrent monitor for detecting inverter commutation failure have been added to version V2.12 and later of the drive firmware.
The result is that the drive switches to a fault state with F030. Which event lead to the triggering of F030 can be identified by the fault value in r047.01.




In the meantime it has been discovered that decision criterion 2 reacts too quickly in some cases.

It should therefore you might need to deactivate decision criterion 2 (by setting U580=4). 

It factory settings U580=7 there are all three decision criterias activated.


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