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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 19869013, Entry date: 12/07/2004

6RA70, SIMOREG DC Master; PIN for S00 is not accepted

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The SIMOREG DC Master is not accepting the entered PIN.
What could be the cause?


 Possible causes:

1) You have already entered the wrong PIN five times.
Switch the electronics supply off and on again so that you will have five new attempts!
2) Check whether the serial number stored in the SIMOREG DC Master is the same serial number for which you know the PIN.
1. You can read the serial number in parameter r069.
2. The serial number is displayed in plain text on the OP1S.
3. Using SIMOVIS or DriveMonitor on the PMU, you must read off the values of all indices of parameter r069 and compile the serial number as instructed below.

Determining the serial number stored in the SIMOREG DC Master

The serial number is displayed in parameter r069

r069 Serial number of SIMOREG DC Master








i008 to i015:



1st and 2nd place of serial number

3rd and 4th place of serial number

5th and 6th place of serial number

7th and 8th place of serial number

9th and 10th place of serial number

11th and 12th place of serial number

13th and 14th place of serial number


Checksum for serial number


You can read the ASCII code of the serial number in this parameter. The serial number is displayed in plain text on the OP1S.


If you do not have an OP1S at your disposal, you must use the values read out of parameter
r069 to determine the serial number according to the following method:











Code conversion
according to table

Sequence of individual
characters in serial
i001 3651 0x 3651 36  à   6 51  à  Q 2nd place: 6  1st place: Q
i002 324b 0x 324b 32  à   2 4b  à   K 4th place: 2 3rd place: K
i003 3231 0x 3231 32  à   2 31  à   1 6th place: 2 5th place: 1
i004 3335 0x 3335 33  à   3 35  à   5 8nd place: 3 7th place 5
i005 3233 0x 3233 32  à   2 33  à   3 10th place: 2 9th place: 3
i006 3031 0x 3031 30  à   0 31  à   1 12th place: 0 11th place: 1
i007 3530 0x 3530 35  à   5 30  à   0 14th place: 5 13th place: 0


The serial number here is therefore: Q6K21253321005


Code conversion table

30  à  0   50  à  P
31  à  1 41  à  A 51  à  Q
32  à  2 42  à  B 52  à  R
33  à  3 43  à  C 53  à  S
34  à  4 44  à  D 54  à  T
35  à  5 45  à  E 55  à  U
36  à  6 46  à  F 56  à  V
37  à  7 47  à  G 57  à  W
38  à  8 48  à  H 58  à  X
39  à  9 49  à  I 59  à  Y
  4A  à  J 5A  à  Z
  4b  à  K  
  4C  à  L  
  4d  à  M  
  4E  à  N  
  4F  à  O  

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