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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 19870008, Entry date: 12/07/2004

6RA70, SIMOREG DC Master; Reset-button on OP1S

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Acknowledging a fault message by pressing the Reset-button on the OP1S does not seem to work. 
When the Reset-button is pressed, B2107 does not seem to change. 
What could be the cause?




A number of conditions need to be fulfilled before fault messages can be acknowledged on the OP1S: 

1)  The function "Acknowledge via OP1S" must be parameterized   
      (e.g. P665 = 2107). 
2)  The SIMOREG DC Master must be in the "Fault" state (o11.0)
     and the PMU must be displaying the fault message.
3)  The "Operating display" must be showing on the OP1S, i.e. you 
     may need to press the Reset-button several times to reach the 
     Operating display. 
     If all these conditions are met, binector B2107 is set to "1" for 
     about 170ms when the Reset-button is pressed (even if the 
     button is depressed for longer than 170ms).



If the causes of a fault message have not been eliminated, the fault message will appear again immediately after acknowledgement, i.e. it appears not to have been acknowledged at all.

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