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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 19870528, Entry date: 12/09/2004

Incompatibility between SIMATIC STEP 7 / PCS 7 / WinCC and the "GHOST Corporate Edition" software from Symantec

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What should you watch out for when running the "GHOST  Corporate Edition" software from Symantec together with SIMATIC STEP 7 / PCS 7 / WinCC?

When installing the "GHOST Corporate Edition" software from Symantec you can select various options. With the "Enterprise Console" setting a database application is installed and automatically enabled when you start the Windows system. 
Since SIMATIC STEP 7 / PCS 7 / WinCC uses the same database application albeit in a different version, this leads to serious incompatibilities, even when "GHOST  Corporate Edition" and SIMATIC STEP 7 / PCS 7 / WinCC are not run simultaneously.

Therefore do NOT install the "Enterprise Console" option of the "GHOST Corporate Edition" software on a SIMATIC STEP 7 / PCS 7 / WinCC configuration computer or WinCC V4.x / V5.x Runtime computer.


  • The other installation options, "Console Client", "Standalone Client" and "Standard Tools Only", as well as the standard version "Norton Ghost" offered by Symantec are not affected by this incompatibility.
  • Alternatively you can also use the software we provide and support: "SIMATIC PC/PG, IMAGE & PARTITION CREATOR V1.1 SOFTWARE", order number 6ES7648-6AA02-0YX0.


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