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How do you configure SIPLUS extreme modules with STEP 7?

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You have a SIPLUS extreme module for extreme environmental conditions with article no. (6AG1 ...) and you want to configure this with STEP 7. For this you use the type based on this module with article no. (6ES7 ...) .

Products of the SIPLUS extreme family (6AG1*) are identical to SIMATIC products (6ES7*) with regard to functions and configuration.

The following excerpt from the STEP 7 HW Config shows the configuration of an ET200M of SIPLUS extreme:

  • Slot 2: IM 153-1, article no. 6AG1 153-1AA03-2XB0
  • Slot 4: SM 321 16DI, article no. 6AG1 321-1BH02-2AA0
  • Slot 5: SM 322 16DO, article no. 6AG1 322-1BH01-2AA0

Fig. 1: Sample configuration of an ET200M of SIPLUS extreme

If you were previously using SIMATIC Outdoor modules (6ES7 ...-...8.-....), under certain circumstances you can replace them with SIPLUS extreme modules without having to reconfigure.
For example, you use a SIPLUS extreme ET200M with article no. 6AG1 153-1AA03-2XB0 to replace the following modules without reconfiguration:

  • 6ES7 153-1AA03-0XB0
  • 6ES7 153-1AA83-0XB0
  • 6ES7 153-1AA02-0XB0
  • 6ES7 153-1AA82-0XB0

An overview of all the article numbers of the relevant SIMATIC, SIMATIC Outdoor and SIPLUS extreme modules is available in Entry ID: 17054970.

Further Information
More information about SIPLUS extreme products is available under:

Configuration with the TIA Portal
Entry ID: 109746275

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