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Substitute for closed-loop control module IP252

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Can the closed-loop control module, order number 6ES5252-3AA21, be substituted by closed-loop control module 6ES5252-3AA13? 
What is the difference between the two modules?

Closed-loop control module 6ES5252-3AA21 is a special version of the IP252 modules with a special firmware for the 12MHz applications and cannot be substituted by closed-loop control module 6ES5252-3AA13. 
Module 6ES5252-3AA21 does not have the drive and standard closed-loop controller structure of module 6ES5252-3AA13 and was developed specially for fast closed-loop controller tasks in synthetic materials technology and for hydraulic drives.

Module 6ES5252-3AA21 can still be ordered as a replacement module at:


REWA 00029 R1

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