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How can you use the Image Creator software to create a backup of your Microbox PC?

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There are two options for creating a backup:

  • Backup on hard disk 
  • Backup via a network

You can make a backup of your data using the "SIMATIC Image Creator" tool. You can order this tool directly from the A&D Mall.

To make a backup, you need an external USB CD drive from which you can boot and start the Image Creator. The CD drive must be placed in front of the hard disk in the boot sequence in the BIOS. 

For backup on the hard disk, you also need an external USB hard disk drive that you connect in addition to the CD drive. Follow the Image Creator instructions to perform the backup. Do not use the Windows version of the Image Creator in combination with the CompactFlash card, but the DOS version. You can create a bootable DOS floppy disk using a tool that is included in the delivery package of the Image Creator.

Alternatively, instead of making a backup on hard disk, you can choose a connected network drive as target.

Direct burning of CDs is not possible with the Microbox PC.

Link to the A&D Mall:

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