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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 20059258, Entry date: 01/03/2005

S5: replacement of an IP244-3AA21 with an IP244-3AB31

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What should you watch out for when replacing an IP244-3AA21 with an IP244-3AB31?

Please note the following points:

  • Function block FB162 is to be replaced (order number: 6ES5244-5AAx1).
  • The jumper settings of the new module IP244-3AB31 are available in the associated manual "IP 244 Temperature Controller with FB 162" in Entry ID 1117848.
  • The "Automatic Setting" function is enabled with the new command "SE" on the standard function block. Furthermore it is possible to stop the current automatic setting separatetly channel for channel with the "SE" command. A zero-to-one edge starts the closed-loop controller selected with the message number. A one-to-zero edge correspondingly stops the automatic setting enabled for that closed-loop controller.

Handling notes:

  1. The channel-by-channel enabling of the automatic setting with Bit 7 is only possible if in Byte 22 of messages 0 to 12 "Closed-loop controller with automatic setting" is selected in each case in Bit 1 (Bit 1 = 1).
  2. When automatic setting is enabled, the module does not perform short-circuit identification.
  3. If the "Automatic Setting" function determines delay of 0 seconds when heating or cooling, the delay is set internally to 1 second and the automatic setting continues to process with this value.
  4. The numbers of data blocks DB-A, DB-B, DB-C, DB-A' and DB-C' can be parameterized at will and do not have to be in consecutive order.
  5. All data areas marked "free" or "reserved" must be preset with "0" and must not be used.

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