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What should you watch out for when using WinCC in a domain?

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If you operate WinCC in a domain environment, refer to the notes in the WinCC Information System in the path below:
WinCC Installation / Release Notes > Installation Notes > Requirements for the installation > Software requirements for the installation.

Also refer to the general information in the Installation and Release Notes.
WinCC Installation / Release Notes

The diverse conditions and configurations of different plants mean that the behavior based on domain settings cannot be checked with a general system test.
Therefore it is not possible to make any concrete statements about the restrictions and effects of the many individual domain settings.

If you are still working with an old version of WinCC and therefore with the operating system Windows NT, please note the information below.

It is necessary to install WinCC in a local "domain user profile". If there are network problems you can log in with your local user profile and continue working with WinCC without the errors named (see Release Notes WinCC V5.0).


  1. Create a local user profile (without network connection) with administrator rights and power user rights in addition to the existing user profiles.
    (Important: You need administrator rights yourself to be able to create a new user with administrator rights).
  • Select "Start > Programs > Management (general) > User Manager".
  • In the User Manager you now select "User > New User".


  1. Restart your PC.
  2. In the login window you change the domain name to your computer name.
  3. Now log on to your computer with the newly created profile.
  4. Install WinCC.

If you install WinCC with a local profile, it can be operated both in a network environment and locally (without network).
Also make sure that there is always a configured network card in your computer. This is a requirement regardless of whether or not you want to use the network.