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5WG145 / IR-system / Compatibility of the IR-system with other manufacturers ?

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We are asked whether various IR equipment (e. g. by Philips http://www.pronto.philips.com/spec.htm) would be able to communicate with our instabus IR devices (S440, N450, UP233, 234, 235)

Your information on that 458 kHz modulation frequency really is apt to push forward a little our efforts to care for clarification.

Nethertheless I'd like to learn what is the meaning of term "RC-5 / RC-6 code"! Knowledge of it would be necessary to clearly answer our own customers' questions too and to enable them to decide upon such information's relevance.

Would this Philips unit be compatible with our instabus IR system in case it could be "taught" frequencies up to 460 kHz?

Is this Philips unit able to communicate with our EIB competitors' IR systems (ABB, Jung, Merten, Berker, Hager, Legrand)?

The answer is NO. Our EIB-IR system is a unique one throughout the world. Intentionally we did choose a special protocol and a very high modulation frequency in order to get a broad interference margin when operating together with fluorescent and energy saving lamps.

RC5 / RC6 are proprietary Philips codes. They are representations of a bi-phase code having a modulation frequency of about 36 kHz. Philips is applying these codes to TV / video and to home electronics as well (lighting, air conditioning, ventilation etc.). This code suffers the drawback of remarkable range reduction in conjunction with fluorescent lamps.

Self-learning remote controls normally feature disadvantageously low sampling rates; i. e., a self-learning remote control suitable for the Siemens IR would be to have a sampling rate exceeding 1 Mhz (most of them do not). Nethertheless due to aliasing effects and carrier subharmonics it may happen that Siemens IR decoder be actuated by a self-learningl remote control, however, at low distances only (less than 1 meter).

Compatibility with competitors' systems doesn't exist as far as known to us (using lower carrier frequencies also).
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