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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 20385392, Entry date: 02/18/2005

Release for general delivery, Motion Control System SIMOTION Version 3.2

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1. Summary
The SIMOTION software Version V3.2 is released for general availability. This release refers to the SCOUT engineering system, the SIMOTION runtime software and the expanded functionality for the terminal modules TM15 and TM17 high feature and the SIMOTION function library.
SIMOTION D425, D435 and D445 (ID 20419349), SIMOTION P350 (ID 20378684) and SIMOTION C230-2 (ID 19859555) will have their own release for general availability which will be issued at the appropriate time.

2. Applications
SIMOTION is mainly used for machines with the main focus on motion control. With Simotion, the user has acces to extensive and flexible motion control functionality. Using Simotion, the complete machine control can be implemented thanks to the integrated PLC functionality according to IEC61131-3. This is the reason that SIMOTION is especially suitable for all machines with motion control tasks - from basic, simple tasks up to high performance tasks. Modular machinery concepts and machines with many axes can be implemented using the "distributed synchronous operation" function.
With the three hardware versions - SIMOTION C, P and D - the system offers the optimum solution for every application. In addition to the D435, SIMOTION D is now available in two additional versions (D425 and D445). This therefore guarantees the highest degree of scalability and flexibility as a result of the various performance classes.
SIMOTION D is used in conjunction with SINAMICS S120 drives.
SIMOTION C230-2 and SIMOTION P350 can be used with the SIMODRIVE 611U, SIMODRIVE POSMO, MASTERDRIVES MC and MICROMASTER drives, as well as especially also with SINAMICS S120.
The drives are coupled isochronously via PROFIBUS with PROFIdrive profil.

Analog drives can be directly operated from the C230-2 controller - as well as for all SIMOTION platforms with PROFIBUS via the ADI4 Analog Drive Interface. Further, using the C230-2 controller, up to 4 stepper drives can be directly controlled via the pulse/direction interface. In addition to connecting stepper drives to the onboard interface it is possible to operate PROFIBUS stepper drives on the isochronous PROFIBUS with PROFIdrive profile.

3. Expanded functionality
SIMOTION Version 3.2 incorporates a series of expanded functions and new functions. What is especially worth highlighting are the support of hydraulic axes and stepping motors as well as an extended test and debugging functionality.


  • New TO cam track
    • Up to 32 cams can be engineered/configured in a user-friendly fashion for one digital output
    • The cam track can be flexibly mapped to the axis (cyclic/not cyclic; immediately active; active with the next track cycle, etc.)
    • A new cam type is available: Time cams with max. switch-in length
    • Cams/cam tracks are enabled edge-controlled in conjunction with TM17 high feature terminal module


  • Expansion, TO axis
    • Hydraulic functionality
    • Force/pressure closed-loop control and force/pressure limiting
    • Stepper motors connected to C230-2 or via isochronous PROFIBUS with PROFIdrive profil
    • Technological data can be exchanged with the drive (via PROFIBUS)
      • Torque limits B+ / B-  parallel to the motion
      • Additive torque setpoint
      • Torque actual value (in application as system variable)
      • Application example: Implementation of winder functionality
  • Expansion, TO synchronous operation
    • Synchronous axes can be assigned different IPO clock cycles
    • Synchronization commands expanded
  • Expansion, TO measuring probe
    • Print marks that follow one another very quickly can be detected (cyclic measurement):
      Up 2 edges can be detected and evaluated in every IPO clock cycle in conjunction with the TM17 high feature.
    • Several measuring probes per axis
      In conjunction with the measuring probe inputs at TM15/TM17 high feature, several TO measuring probes can be configured and are also simultaneously active for each TO axis or TO external encoder
  • New TOs (TPCAM_Ext)  - addition object, formula object, fixed-gear object, sensor, PID controller object
    • Used in conjunction with existing TOs (axis, synchronous operation)
    • Example: Closed-loop tension controlled winders can be implemented or offset values handled/processed for printing applications.

Programming / engineering

  • Usability and online help
    • The contents of the technology manuals are included in the online help
    • Expanded search funktionality
    • Standard, unified expert lists for SCOUT and STARTER
    • Expanded commissioning (start-up) dialogs (referencing, hydraulics, stepper motor)
    • "Print complete project" has been expanded
    • As well as many additional detailed and fine improvements
  • Expanded functionality for LAD/FBD and MMC
    • Several blocks per unit
    • LAD/FBD functionality has been rounded-off
  • Test and debugging functions have been expanded
    • Breakpoints in ST
    • Improved sequence tracking of sequential tasks
    • Jump from the diagnostics buffer entry to the program location
  • Scripting interface for SCOUT and STARTER
    • SCOUT and STARTER can be externally controlled
    • Duplicating of partial projects and assembling of projects
    • Components can be centrally modified (for x instances)
    • STEP 7 command interface can be calles
    • Import/export in the EXCEL format (e. g. alarms, task/sequence system, I/O list, global variables, watch tables)
  • Modular programming
    • Technology objects can be activated/de-activated (axes, measuring probes, cams, etc.) via the application (and therefore also HMI) and SCOUT (one project for vaious machine configurations)
    • DP station diagnostics (the status of DP slaves connected to PROFIBUS can be interrogated in the application)


  • TCP/IP communications via Ethernet
    • Communications to SIMOTION devices, third-party equipment and to SIMATIC devices with Ethernet-CP
    Service and diagnostics functions without SCOUT via Ethernet
    • Service and diagnostic function can be supplemented by diagnostic pages that can be generated on a user-for-user basis
  • Improved OPC data export
    • Selective export
    • No separate SIMATIC NET is required on the SCOUT PC

Function library
With Version 3.2, the mechatronic standard function - roll feed - has been supplemented by the double-axis roll feed version. This means that now single-axis, double-axis and zig-zag roll feed functions are available.

Number of axes
With V3.2, the following maximum number of axes are possible:




32 axes


64 axes


16 axes


32 axes


64 axes

4. Components that have been released

Order No. [MLFB]



engineering system



6AU1 810-0BA32-0XA0

SIMOTION Engineering-System SCOUT V3.2


6AU1 810-0BA32-0XE0

SIMOTION Engineering-System SCOUT V3.2


6AU1 810-0FA21-0XA0


V2.1 SP1

6AU1 810-0FA21-0XE0

SIMOTION SCOUT CamTool V2.1 Upgrade

V2.1 SP1

6AU1 810-0FA21-1XU0

SIMOTION SCOUT CamTool V2.1 SP1 Upgrade
(without license)

V2.1 SP1

6AU1 800-0KA32-0AA0

SIMOTION firmware for Ethernet-based HMI
and diagnostic functions


SW option




Compact Flash-Card 32 Mbyte for SIMOTION D
with license for MultiAxes package



Compact Flash-Card 64 Mbyte for SIMOTION D
with license for MultiAxes package



Memory-Card 32 Mbyte for SIMOTION C230-2
with license for MultiAxes package


SIMOTION runtime
software licenses



6AU1 820-1AA20-0AB0

SIMOTION technology option, position,
license for one axis


6AU1 820-1AB20-0AB0

SIMOTION technology option, gear,
license for one axis


6AU1 820-1AC20-0AB0

SIMOTION technology option, cam,
license for one axis


6AU1 820-2AA20-0AB0

SIMOTION technology option, Tcontrol,
license to use the technology TControl
for 8 temperature channels on a CPU


6AU1 820-0AA20-0AB0


SIMOTION technology option, MultiAxes package,
license to use the technology option cam for
64 axes on a CPU (e.g. D445 or P350)


6AU1 830-0AC10-0AB0

License for single-axis roller feed


6AU1 830-0AC10-1AB0

License for zig-zag roller feed


6AU1 830-0AC10-2AB0

License for double-axis roller feed


6AU1 820-8BB20-0AB0



6AU1 820-8BA20-0AB0



Terminal modules



6SL3 055-0AA00-3FA0

Terminal Module TM15


6SL3 055-0AA00-3HA0

Terminal Module TM17 High Feature


Please contact your local Siemens office for more detailed information.