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Connecting PPs via PROFIBUS DP with the CP5431

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How can I connect PPs via PROFIBUS DP on the CP5431 and how are the parameters set?

You want to connect one or more Push Button Panels (PPs) to a SIMATIC S5 via PROFIBUS DP with the CP5431. During configuring you come across the following problem:
You need COM PROFIBUS for calculating the bus parameters of the PPs connected. However, the CP5431 can only be configured with the NCM software COM 5431 which in turn doesn't support parameterization of the PPs.

First you configure under COM PROFIBUS with the CP5431 as "Default master". Here you set the parameters of the PPs. You then manually take the parameters set as "user-parameterizable data" from COM PROFIBUS to COM 5431.

Connecting a PUSH BUTTON PANEL PP7 to the CP5431.


  • For parameterizing the PP7 you need the COM PROFIBUS software. Here the demo version is sufficient. You can download this for COM PROFIBUS V3.3 under "SIMATIC/Distributed I/O" in SIMATIC Customer Service under the ID 135526. Load the program onto your computer and the installation.
  • You need COM5431 for parameterizing CP5431.
  • For setting the bus parameters of the PP7 under COM PROFIBUS you need the GSD file of the PP7. You can download this under "SIMATIC/PROFIBUS GSD files/HMI" under the ID 113264. From the Internet page download the GSD file for the station type PP7 into the "GSD" program directory of COM PROFIBUS.
    Remark: the number of the GSD file is the manufacturer ID. The PP7 thus has the ID Hex 8067.
  • From the same Internet page download the bitmaps for SIMATIC HMI PP into the Bitmaps program directory of COM PROFIBUS.

Step 1: Setting up a network under COM PROFIBUS

  • Import the new GSD file for the station type PP7 with the menu command "File > Import GSD files".
  • Start a new configuration with the menu command "File > New".
  • Enter the PROFIBUS address of the master in the dialog box that opens and select "Default Master" as master station type.
  • Acknowledge with OK. A window for the new DP master system opens. In this a selection box for the slaves opens.
  • Start configuring the PP7 as DP slave by clicking "SIMATIC" in the selection box for the slaves. Then click the free button under the master. A PROFIBUS address dialog box opens. Click the required PROFIBUS address. A new window opens entitled Slave Parameters. Here you select the PP7 by clicking SIMATIC under "Family" and PP7 under "Station type". Acknowledge with OK. The PP7 is placed in the DP segment (Fig. 1.1).

    Fig. 1.1 DP Master System with PP 7 as DP Slave

Step 2: Parameterizing the PP7

In the DP Master System window double-click the station type PP7. The Slave Parameters window for the PP7 opens (Fig. 2.1).

Fig. 2.1: Parameter window of the PP7

  1. Click the Parameterize button (Fig. 2.2).

  2. Fig. 2.2: Parameterize: PP 7 window

  3. In the Parameterize window you make the required settings for the PP7. According to your parameters COM PROFIBUS creates the bus parameters for the PP7. You then need these parameters for configuring under COM 5431. For transferring the parameters to COM 5431 you click the Hex... button. Acknowledge the subsequent query with Yes. The Parameterize (Hex) window opens for the hexadecimal parameterization of the PP7 (Fig. 2.3).

  4. Fig. 2.3: Parameterize (Hex) window of the PP 7

  5. In the Parameterize (Hex) window you see the parameter bytes for the PP 7 including the 7 bytes for the DP standard. Only the bytes as of position 7 are important for parameterizing under COM 5431. Note these bytes including position 7 in a table (Table 2.1). Here you also enter the manufacturer ID of the station. This you take from the number of the GSD file.

Station type

Manufacturer ID

Stations address

Bus parameter (Hex)




00 / 01 / 00 / 00 / 00 / 00

Table 2.1: User-specific bus parameters of the PP7

Step 3: PROFIBUS parameterizing under COM 5431

  • Start STEP 5 and click "Change > More ..." in the main menu.
  • In the More Simatic S5 Programs window select the line SINEC NCM. The configuring software SINEC CP 5431 FMS starts.
    Note: the settings for the CP5431 are given in the manual.
  • Configure the CP5431. Define the I/O areas.
  • Start parameterizing the PP7 as DP slave in the main menu under "Edit > I/O > Parameterize DP Slave".

  • Take the values for "Slave L2 address", "Slave Manufacturer" (manufacturer ID) and "Slave Name" from Table 2.1. Here you also enter the "user-parameterizable data" that you can also find in Table 2.1. You can leave all the other values as they are. Save your parameterization.

Result: you have parameterized a PP7 as DP slave for the CP5431 in COM 5431.

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