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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 20681208, Entry date: 11/07/2011

Which external storage locations are available on the various operator panels (TIA Portal/WinCC flexible/ProTool) for archiving data?

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Configuration Notes
Depending on the operator panel there are different external storage locations to
save recipes, messages and variables, for example.
The table in attachment lists all the operator panels that you can configure with ProTool or WinCC flexible or in the TIA Portal. The list includes the relevant storage locations and the functions/data to be stored.

Cyclic write access is not permissible for the internal flash memory, because this reduces the service life of the flash memory and therefore the service life of the operator panel. For the sake of the service life of the device and better performance you should as far as possible use external memory cards for storing data records and for archives.

Notes on performance with memory cards
No statement can be given at this point on the performance when using memory cards. Refer here to the manual for the operator panel concerned in each case.

Storage media is recommended in the FAQ: Which external storage media can you use with the SIMATIC panels and which memory card interfaces do they have? in Entry ID: 21847868.

Switching off operator panel with memory card slotted
In order to avoid possible loss of data, you must always close down the Runtime software before switching off the power supply. For this you operate the control that is linked to the "Terminate_Runtime" function in your configuration. Wait until the Start menu is displayed and only then switch off the power supply. If you cut the power supply by mistake during running operation, the operator panel checks the memory card after restart and repairs any defective areas. A description of how to restore the file system of a memory card is available in the MP377 manual under "MP377, MP377 PRO (WinCC flexible) > Configure operating system > Change operator panel setting > Backing up Registry entries"

Automatic repair of the memory card can be enabled in the Control Panel under OP in the "Persistent Storage" tab.

Fig. 01

In the TIA Portal you can use the "SafelyRemoveHardware" function to check whether you have read or write access to the storage media.
The function is described in the WinCC TIA Portal manual under "WinCC Advanced V11 SP1 > Visualizing processes (Advanced) > Working with system functions and Runtime scripting > Reference > VB scripting > SafelyRmoveHardware"

You can safely close down the Runtime of the operator panel by using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). More information on the UPS in combination with an operator panel is available in Entry ID 21633613.
(This note does not apply to the Comfort Panels. With a SIMATIC HMI Memory Card the Comfort Panels support the consistency of the stored data in the case of a power failure. More information on the topic of data consistency of the memory card for Comfort Panels is available in the manual.
"Comfort Panels manual > Commissioning the Panel > Overview > Memory Concept > Note on the data consistency of the memory card")

Removing the memory card
Before you remove the memory card, you must either operate the control that is linked to the "Close_Archive" function in your configuration or terminate the "Runtime" software. For this you operate the control that is linked to the "Terminate_Runtime" function in your configuration. Closing the archives or terminating the Runtime software might take a few minutes depending on the size and number of the archives created.
If you remove the memory card during archiving, the data to be archived is temporarily buffered in the main memory of the operator panel.

If the following message appears: "RT could not be terminated; do you want to wait?", then you acknowledge this query with YES.

Attachment 01: 20681208_HMI_Speichermedien_e.pdf ( 70 KB )

The following example shows the selection of an external storage location for a recipe. 
"Storage Card", "Storage Card2" and "Storage Card SD" have been chosen as the storage locations.

Fig. 02 Setting in ProTool

Fig. 03 Setting in WinCC flexible

Fig. 04 Setting in WinCC TIA Portal

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