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S7 Communication with BSEND/BRECEIVE via PROFIBUS CPs

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It is often required to transfer large amounts of data between two or several stations. Aside from this main requirement, the communication software has to ensure that operation in practice is as easy and flexible adaptable as possible to PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet  and that maximum security is provided for the data to be transferred.

To solve this task, the SIMATIC-S7 offers a communications service available systemwide: The S7 protocol featuring the BSEND / BRECEIVE services for very large amounts of data. A significant advantage of the S7 protocol is its physical independence; i.e., due to suitable communications processors, it enables the use in PROFIBUS as well as in Industrial Ethernet networks without having to adapt the communication program. This Application on hand provides the user with a quick startup for specifics of the block oriented send and receive service (BSEND/BRECV) within the S7 communication.

The following picture illustrates the hardware configuration of this example.


This example in particular shows how four individual data areas (100 bytes to 4700 bytes) can be sent directly via one single S7 connection into the respective target areas using the additional address parameter R_ID (sub-addressing) located in the user interface. 

This principle is  illustrated in the following scheme


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S7 Communication with BSEND/ BRECEIVE via Profibus CPs
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S7 Communication with BSEND/ BRECEIVE via Profibus CPs
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Additional Information
These sample applications are part of a series of examples all about communication with SIMATIC S7. The following table refers directly to the associated entries in the Applications & Tools portal.



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S7 Protocol, Industrial Ethernet, PRIFIBUS, PROFIBUS Network, S7 Communication, Token, TSAP, connection resources, Time synchronisation, Diagnostic, NCM S7, NetPro, BSEND, BRECV, CP 443-5 Basic, CP 342-5

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