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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 21061963, Entry date: 03/29/2005

Micro Automation: Controlled Positioning of an Axis with Stepper Motor Using the Example of a "Cutting-to-Length" Process incl. HMI Configuration (MAE 10)

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The application is predestined for solving feed motion positioning tasks. Application areas are for example, feed units, material transport, paper and cardboard processing machines.

The process works as follows: An S7-200 CPU controls a stepper motor via the modules EM 253 POSITION and FM STEPDRIVE. The FM STEPDRIVE is the power unit for the stepper motor. Position and motion of the stepper motor are defined by the S7-200 CPU. The EM253 "POSITION" module transforms these values into pulses (steps) which are then converted into current values for the stepper motor rotation. The configuration can be operated and monitored via the TD200.

The build up of this application is illustrated in the following figure below.


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Calculation of the acceleration time
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