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Technology CPUs: Technology Template "Flying shears"

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This technology template helps you realize an "Flying Shears" or "Flying Knife" using a Technology CPU.

A fed web is to be cut to defined lengths with a Technology CPU. Flying shears are to be used.
“Flying shears” enable the processing of material without having to interrupt the material line. The available processing time depends on the velocity of the material line and on the length of the distance which can be moved by the shears.
The "Flying shears" consist of the shears attached to a travel range. The shears synchronize to the material line. If the shears are synchronous the cut is performed.
After the cutting process, the shears disable the synchronization and return to the starting position.
The cuts are either performed at definable distances or they are specified by print-marks on the material line.


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Documentation Documentation 21062270_Template_Shears_DOKU_v41_en.pdf ( 2586 KB )
Code  Template "Flying shears"

In the program example a CPU 31xT-2 DP, STEP 7 V5.4 SP5,  S7-Technology V4.1 SP1 and WinCC flex 2008 SP1 HF2 were used

only Template 21062270_Template_Shears_V41.zip ( 547 KB )
Template with Testprogramm for CPU 315T 21062270_Template_Shears_315T_V41.zip ( 7032 KB )
Template with Testprogramm for CPU 317T 21062270_Template_Shears_317T_V41.zip ( 7213 KB )





05/2005 first edition
03/2006 added compact documentation
09/2007 Actualization with S7-Technology V3.0 SP2,
"Cut to Length" is now available with external encoder
03/2010 Actualization with S7-Technology V4.1 SP1
  • Removal of TO/UDT check to make the template independent of the S7 Technology version used.

  • Description of new "axis_material_is_ext_enc" parameter

if an external encoder is used, the new parameter  "axis_material_is_ext_enc" must be manually set to '1'.
The template can not detect the type of TOs any more.


processing "on-the-fly" gear synchronism angular synchronism position synchronism print-mark synchronization

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