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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 21062590, Entry date: 09/18/2008

The Basic Languages LAD, FBD, STL

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Topic of the demonstration system
SIMATIC Software is the integrated system environment for all SIMATIC systems and offers the user the perfect tool for each task and each project phase in order to optimize his engineering workflow. The basic software STEP 7 comprises the three  languages LAD,  FBD and STL which are in accordance with the IEC standard and which are learnable easily and intuitively. The three languages all possess an extensive stock of functions which can be applied to the entire range of  SIMATIC Controllers.

Contents of the demonstration system
This demonstration system presents the three basic languages LAD - Ladder Diagram, FBD - Function Block Diagram and STL - Statement List. In doing so, we show  the properties and possibilities provided by  the various tools of the SIMATIC Manager for the implementation of a user program in the three language variants. In the form of animated graphical sequences, the module demonstrates

  • tthe customer benefits that each language and tool contributes in its respective project phase,
  • the underlying functional principles and
  •  live configuration sequences with the editor functions of the SIMATIC Manager.

Presentation of an animated demonstration system
The following properties are contained in all technically-oriented demonstration systems:

  • All graphical animations are explained by a spoken text which has been read by German, respectively English native professional speakers.
  • .The respective sections of the demonstration system can be clicked on by means of navigation elements. You may, for example, repeat any section any time.
  • Continuative links and support pages have been integrated.

The following picture shows the home page of the demonstration system.


Contents of Downloads


Demonstration System "The Basic Languages LAD, FBD, STL" (German)
Duration of Animation: 21 minutes
Download size about  45 MB
Demonstration System "The Basic Languages LAD, FBD, STL" (English)
Duration of Animation: 21 minutes
Download size about  43 MB

Just load the EXE data file at hand on your computer and start it with a mouse click. You may as well start the EXE data file directly out of your browser.




12/2004 First edition
09/2008 Update to version v20: correction for the correct execution of the demonstration system on PC/Notebooks have been made. The content of the demonstration system has not been changed.


Additional Information 
The most important tools of the SIMATIC Software Engineering Suite have been carried out as graphically animated demonstration systems in order to present the seamless and consistent integration into the overall concept. The following table refers directly to the corresponding articles in the Application Portal.



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Alternatively, you can order all single modules as a whole on the new Demo DVD SIMATIC Software (Faster from Design to Operation) 04/2008 in German and English free of charge via the internet.

Please use the following linke for the order form of the demonstration DVD: