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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 21063352, Entry date: 09/13/2010

Technology CPUs: Flying shears with print-mark synchronization based on gear synchronism

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The technological task is based on flying shears containing 2 axes. Via a conveyor belt, axis 1 transports a material line marked with print-marks. Upon recognizing the print-mark, the speed of the shears connected to axis 2 is to be synchronized with the speed of axis 1. If both axes are synchronous, the material will have to be cut and axis 2 to be returned to its initial position.


This task has been realized by synchronizing the shears slide axis to the material line axis in the gear synchronism. The synchronism will be maintained as long as required by the processing (here cutting). Then the synchronized operation will be resolved and the shears slide axis will return to its initial position. When recognizing the next print-mark, the synchronized operation will be reactivated.


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Documentation (English) 
The accompanying documentation is broken down into three parts: The Introduction part describes the specific automation problem and the suggested solution. The Extension part focuses on imparting in-depth knowledge of the control elements and technological functions. The Demonstration part is aimed at users who intend to demonstrate the functions of a technology CPU or who would like to substantiate their theoretical knowledge through practical testing.
Introduction 21063352_Technology_Shears_Introduction_DOKU_v321_e.pdf ( 446 KB )
Extension 21063352_Technology_Shears_Extension_DOKU_v321_e.pdf ( 1730 KB )
Demonstration 21063352_Technology_Shears_Demonstration_DOKU_v321_e.pdf ( 1164 KB )
An S7 project as the core element of the demonstration system, consisting of the data for TO parameter setting, the programmed sequences realized with the STEP7 blocks and the WinCC Flexible 2005 SP1 HF1 user interfaces.

The program archives can be used either without a drive connected or with a SINAMICS S120 Trainings case connected. The required changes to the program to use the SINAMICS are described in the documentation part Demonstration.

Program archive for use with a CPU 315T 21063352_CPU315T_Shears_v_CODE_v30.zip ( 11269 KB )
Program archive for use with a CPU 317T 21063352_CPU317T_Shears_v_CODE_v30.zip ( 11177 KB )



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If you need a older version, you can download it here with it's documentation:

  • V1.1 requires SIMATIC Technology V1.0 or higher, Protool/Pro RT V6.0 SP2 and, optional, a SIMODRIVE demo case.

  • V2.0 requires SIMATIC Technology V2.0 or higher, WinCC flexible 2005 and, optional, a SIMODRIVE demo case.

Archive of version V1.1 21063352_CPU317T_Shears_ARCHIV_v11.zip ( 20536 KB )
Archive of version V2.0 21063352_CPU317T_Shears_ARCHIV_v20.zip ( 43923 KB )





03/2004 first edition

Corrected data for front plug in the Introduction (V1.1) Added parameter set for older SIMODRIVE Demo Sets

04/2006 V2.0, updated with SIMATIC Technology 2.0, WinCC flexible 2005, SINAMICS S120 and Technology Template "Flying Shears"
10/2007 V3.0, updated with SIMATIC Technology 3.0 SP2, WinCC flexible 2005 SP1 HF7, Technology Template "Flying Shears" V3.0 and, optional, SINAMICS S120

saw processing “on-the-fly” gear synchronism angular synchronism position synchronism print-mark synchronization

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