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Micro Automation: Machine-Level Visualization with Touch Panel (MAS 4)

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Automation task: 
The course of manufacture of distributed operating stations is to be controlled. Each operating station is to feature a panel which has read and write access to the respective assigned controller. A bus link of all controllers is to enable a data exchange. Each step of the production is to be displayed graphically. Information on the product combination is to be selectable via a recipe management.

The configuration can e.g. be used for the following applications:
Bottling plants, assembly machines, packaging machines, automatic machines, etc.

Automation solution:
For each machine, the automation solution uses an S7-200 for control of the production process and a TP177micro Touch Panel for operator control and monitoring. Via a PPI bus connection, several S7-200 controllers and touch panels can be connected. Each TP 177micro uses this link to access the data of the assigned S7-200 controller. The S7-200 controllers use the bus connection for data exchange. Via this connection, a PG/PC can communicate with all components. Recipes for the production process are stored in the memory module of the S7-200 and can be selected via the TP177micro Touch Panel.

The software example on the configuration has the following functionality:
Micro Automation Set 4 contains a startup code which, together with an S7-200 controller and a TP177micro Touch Panel, illustrates the functions described above. The MicroWIN project in the S7-200 controller simulates a conveyor belt of a bottling plant. The WinCC flexible project in TP 177micro visualizes the production process.

Startup Code
For the startup we offer you software examples with test code and test parameters as download. The software examples support you during the first steps and tests with your Micro Automation Sets. They enable quick testing of the hardware and software interfaces between the products described in the Micro Automation Sets.


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Flyer (English) 
Micro Application Example (English)  Set04_DocTech_V2d0_en.pdf ( 734 KB )
Startup Code (STEP 7-Micro/WIN Project) Set04_S7-200_V2d0_en.zip ( 15 KB )
Startup Code (WinCC flexible Project) Set04_WinCCflex_V2d0_en.zip ( 3196 KB )


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S7-200 System Manual  System manual
WinCC flexible Manual Manual
WinCC flexible Compact/Standard/Advanced Manual Manual





April 2002 First edition
June 2005 TP 177micro new
Multi-master capability new
Recipe management new
Automation task new
January 2006 Integration in "Applications & Tools"
August 2006 Excessive of the tread "Applications & Tools"