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Entry type: Application example, Entry ID: 21063476, Entry date: 01/15/2007

Micro Automation: Optical outline recognition of objects in conveyor and feed systems (MAS 20)

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Automation task: 
Quality inspection of small parts, recognizing good parts and bad parts

The configuration can e.g. be used for the following applications:
Oscillating conveyor, conveyor belt, separating unit, workpiece carrier system, handling unit, automatic assembly machine

Automation solution:
The configuration consists of the following automation components:
CPU S7-224, VS110 image processing system, TP170A touch panel

The software example on the configuration has the following functionality:
Moving a conveyor belt in two directions, selecting pattern of the vision sensor, disabling the keyboard of the vision sensor

Startup Code
For the startup we offer you software examples with test code and test parameters as download. The software examples support you during the first steps and tests with your Micro Automation Sets. They enable quick testing of the hardware and software interfaces between the products described in the Micro Automation Sets. 


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Micro Application Example Set20_DocTech_v1d3_en.pdf ( 668 KB )
Startup Code (STEP 7-Micro/WIN Projekt) Set20_S7-200_v1d0.zip ( 3 KB )
Startup Code (STEP 7) Set20_S7-300_400_v1d0.zip ( 24 KB )


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S7-200 system manual System manual





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