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Which versions of WinAC (Basis, RTX, Slot) and SIMATIC NET are compatible with each other?

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The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

Compatibility information for WinAC RTX V4.0 and higher and SIMATIC NET is available in the Compatibility Tool.
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The compatibility of the older versions WinAC Basis and WinAC Slot is given in the two tables below.

Compatibility between WinAC Basis and SIMATIC NET

V4.0 For Windows 2000: V6.0 (SP 5 or higher)
For Windows XP: V6.1
V4.0 SP1 V6.1 SP1
V4.1 V6.2
Table 1: WinAC Basis and SIMATIC NET

Compatibility of WinAC Slot and SIMATIC NET

V3.2 V6.0 SP5
V3.3 For Windows 2000: V6.0 (SP 5 or higher)
For Windows XP: V6.1
V3.4 V6.2
V4.0 V6.3
Table 2: WinAC Slot and SIMATIC NET


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