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How do you send short text messages (SMS) from a WinCC (TIA Portal) or SIMATIC WinCC flexible HMI station to a mobile phone?

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With WinCC (TIA Portal) and WinCC flexible it is possible to send e-mails as short text messages (SMS) to a mobile phone. The conversion into a short text message is done by the mobile network operator or your own SMTP server.

1. Configuration of mail dispatch with a SIMATIC HMI station

  • With WinCC (TIA Portal)
    The sample application 106226404 explains the configuration of the e-mail dispatch function of Comfort Panels with WinCC (TIA Portal).
  • With WinCC flexible
    Follow the instructions given in Entry18984102 to configure an e-mail message system with WinCC flexible.

2. Options for forwarding as short text message (SMS)
You have the following options for receiving e-mail messages as SMSs on a mobile phone:

  • External providers make it possible to convert e-mails into SMS messages for mobile telephones and pagers. (This option is described here.)
  • Your own SMTP server supports forwarding of e-mails via SMS message to a mobile phone or pager.

The e-mail function in WinCC flexible requires the "Sm@rtService" license key.

You can send e-mails with the following panels:

  • All operator panels as from the 170 series with Ethernet interface except Basic Panels
  • PCs with WinCC flexible Runtime and Ethernet interface

3. Enabling and disabling SMS messaging
To be able to convert an e-mail into an SMS message, the corresponding service must be registered with the provider. The following sections describe the procedure taking the example of T-Mobile as the provider.

3.1 Enable e-mail reception with a provider
Send an SMS message from your mobile phone with the text "OPEN" to the T-Mobile abbreviated dialing number 8000. This opens your T-Mobile number for e-mail reception.
Your e-mail address is then:
T-Mobile number (incl. prefix)@t-mobile-sms.de
017100000000@t-mobile-sms.de, for example.

Up to 160 characters are transferred.

3.2 Disable e-mail reception
If you no longer wish to receive e-mails, send an SMS message from your mobile phone with the text "CLOSE" to the T-Mobile abbreviated dialing number 8000.

This procedure might differ with other mobile network operators.
4. Other providers for SMS messaging
The list below is only a small selection of possible providers. Contact your provider for detailed information. Obtain information via the function:
"Enable mobile phone to receive e-mails from the Internet".

5. Download
The download includes a sample project for sending e-mails to a mobile telephone.
 Registration required SMS_Versand_PC.zip (2.4 MB)

Further Information
More information on the topic of "Teleservice via the Internet" is also available in Entry ID 19865167.


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