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PROFIBUS GSD files : ET 200pro

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DESCRIPTION: Station type: ET 200pro (IM154-1AA01) Order no.: 6ES7 154-1AA01-0AB0...


Station type: ET 200pro (IM154-1AA01)
Order no.: 6ES7 154-1AA01-0AB0
Version: V4.1.2 (12/2017)
 ET200pro_IM154-1AA01.zip ( 56 KB )
SHA256 checksum: E6F9F980228E36145A0557E0938D0E0829008F907B0DAFA1AF1564BEF14C5EBA

Station type: ET 200pro (IM154-2AA01 High Feature)
Order no.: 6ES7 154-2AA01-0AB0
Version: V4.1.2 (12/2017)
ET200pro_IM154-2AA01.zip ( 56 KB )
SHA256 checksum: D5FF0F0BCE1EFBF80B6697969D24636C0590C3C85255535B427770C5960F90E0

Station type: ET 200pro  (IM154-1AA00)
Order no.: 6ES7 154-1AA00-0AB0
Version: V2.0.3 (10/2013)
IM154-1AA00.zip ( 58 KB )

Station type: ET 200pro  (IM154-2AA00 High Feature)
Order no.: 6ES7 154-2AA00-0AB0
Version: V2.0.3 (10/2010)
IM154-2AA00.zip ( 58 KB )

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