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What options are there for transferring a license key to a PC without floppy disk drive?

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Configuration Notes:
For some time now computers have been produced without a floppy disk drive. However, in order to install certain automation software products you need a floppy disk drive to install the license keys supplied on floppy disk.

Using the Automation License Manager you can install the licenses on a PC without floppy disk drive as follows.

Transport Medium License Key Type
(e.g. STEP 7  V5.2)
License Key
 (e.g. Floating License Key STEP 7 V5.3)
External floppy disk drive with USB interface X X
USB stick as transfer medium from one computer with floppy disk drive to a computer without floppy disk drive -- X
Second computer with floppy disk drive in the company network and transfer via the network X1) X1)
Second computer with floppy disk drive and offline transfer
(see Help of the Automation License Manager)
X1) X1)
1) The Automation License Manager must also be installed on both computers.

You can recognize a License Key in the Automation License Manager by the twenty-digit license number.
An authorization has a ten-digit license number.

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