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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 21364022, Entry date: 03/23/2009

Technology CPUs: Technology Template "Simple 3D-Interpolation with cam disks"

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This technology template helps you realize an interpolated motion with up to three axes with constant path velocity using the Technology CPU, the trajectory is specified via an interpolation table.

The motion of the axes connected to the Technology CPU is to be generated via a cam disc synchronism. The required cam discs for synchronizing the individual axes are to be generated from a specified interpolation table. This requires that the interpolation table is available prior to the start of the motion for generating the required cam discs.

The trajectory between two interpolation points is to be in a straight line. A tolerance range can be defined around the interpolation points within which the trajectory may deviate from the straight line. This enables a smooth motion of the axes and a short-time standstill of the axes at the interpolation points can be avoided.

The Technology Template can directly be used for generating an interpolated motion, the path curve to be followed is specified via an interpolation table. The interpolation table is transferred to the technology template and the template subsequently takes over the generation of the required cam discs and the following of the resulting interpolated path curve.

Simple interpolating motions with path velocity mainly occur in the following applications:
• Handling machines…
… for exact movement of workpieces or tools on specified paths in a smooth motion at constant speed.
• Pick and place machines…
… for careful transport of workpieces from a pick up position to a defined destination position which may require to bypass existing obstacles.
• Palletizing machines…
… for palletizing workpieces according to a specified palletizing strategy, the workpieces have to be moved on a defined path between pick up position and destination position.

This Technology Template can not be used with the CPU 315T-2 DP with order number 6ES7315-6TG10-0AB0.


Content of Downloads


Documentation (English) Documentation 21364022_Template_Move3D_DOKU_v41_e.pdf ( 986 KB )
Compact Documentation 21364022_Template_Move3D_Kompakt_DOKU_v41_e.pdf ( 216 KB )

The S7 Code of the Template Move3D can be downloaded separated or together with the example

For the Example

  • a CPU 31xT-2 DP
  • STEP 7 V5.4 SP3 HF1
  • S7 Technology V4.1 and
  • WinCC flexibel 2008 Runtime

is required.

Due the example uses virtual axes, no drive is required.

Program archiv 21364022_Template_Move3D_CODE_v411.zip ( 95 KB )
Program archiv with example for CPU 315T (6ES7315-6TH13-0AB0) 21364022_CPU315T-6TH13_Move3D_CODE_EXP_v411.zip ( 8871 KB )
Program archiv with example for CPU 317T
21364022_CPU317T-6TJ10_Move3D_CODE_EXP_v411.zip ( 8915 KB )
Program archiv with example for CPU 317T
21364022_CPU317T-6TK13_Move3D_CODE_EXP_v411.zip ( 8873 KB )





04/2005 first edition
09/2005 Adjustment of documentation (V1.1), because the Template is not working with the Technology-CPU 315T-2DP with order number 6ES7315-6TG10-0AB0
03/2006 Added Compact Documentation
08/2005 V3.0 of templates for use with S7-Technology V2.0 und V3.0
03/2008 V3.1, Correction of the Override-Handling in FB505
10/2008 V4.1 of templates for use with S7-Technology V4.1
12/2008 Downloads of examples corrected
- Missing variable connections corrected in WinCC flexible
- Recompiled complete project to avoid inconsistency
03/2009 V4.11, removed UDT check, template is now independend from S7-Technology version


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