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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 21365191, Entry date: 03/24/2009

Technology CPUs: Technology Template "Move_Jog"

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It is to be possible to move the axes connected to the technology CPU for manual positioning and retracting individually and without extra work in positive and negative direction.
The direction specifications and the travel commands are to be entered using individual jog buttons and the axis is to move in the specified direction only as long as the jog button remains clicked.
In addition, velocity, acceleration and deceleration of the axis and the jerk are be adjustable via input parameters at the block.

The “MC_MoveJog” template presented in this document helps solve the displayed tasks and develop a manual control of the axes connected to the technology CPU as quickly as possible. To ensure this, the template is provided with all required program flows to set an axis in motion and return it to standstill. The setpoint velocity of the axis and the setpoint acceleration and decelaration and the setpoint of the jerk can be set via input parameters at the block. Via the user program, the template now only has to be assigned to an axis and supplied with the respective button signals. Furthermore, the option of setting the motion parameters is to be provided if required.


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Documentation  Documentation 21365191_CPU31xT_MoveJog_DOKU_v41_e.pdf ( 417 KB )
Compact Documentation 21365191_CPU31xT_MoveJog_Compact_DOKU_v41_e.pdf ( 111 KB )

The S7 Code of the Template MoveJog can be downloaded separated or together with the example. 

For the Examples a CPU31x-2DP, STEP 7 V5.4, S7 Technology V4.1 and WinCC flexible 2008 is required.
Due the example uses virtual axes, no drive is required.

Program archive "Move Jog" 21365191_MoveJOG_CODE_v41.zip ( 23 KB )
Program archive with example for a 315T 21365191_CPU315T_6TG10_MoveJOG_CODE_EXP_v41.zip ( 6833 KB )
Program archive with example for a 317T 21365191_CPU317T_6TJ10_MoveJOG_CODE_EXP_v41.zip ( 6863 KB )





04/2005 first edition
02/2005 added compact documentation
03/2009 updated to S7 Technologie V4.1 and  WinCC flexible 2008

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