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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 21382725, Entry date: 06/06/2005

New Firmware & Configuration Package V5.03.03 for FM 357-2 Now Available

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A new software and configuration package with version 5.03.03 are now available for the FM357-2. This version corrects existing problems. It is not generally necessary to upgrade the firmware or the configuration package of existing installations. The configuration package is supplied together with the firmware and cannot be ordered separately. The firmware and the configuration package are available for downloading.

The configuration package V5.03.03 is supplied together with the firmware and therefore has no separate order no.. Both the firmware and the configuration package are available for downloading from our Customer Support (entry ID: 21385102).

The firmware and the configuration package are still available under the existing order no.’s:


FM 357-2 L firmware and configuration package (G,E,F,I)


FM 357-2 LX firmware and configuration package (G,E,F,I)


FM 357-2 H firmware and configuration package (G,E,F,I)

The configuration package is supplied in 4 languages: German, English, French and Italian. In addition to the parameterization software, the standard function blocks and the OP examples, the package also includes the brochure "Getting Started" 2698344 and the electronic user manual (both in PDF format). Also included is an archive with older firmware versions and the associated function blocks on CD ROM.

The printed user manuals are available under the following order no.’s (unchanged since 01/2003):


User manual for FM 357-2 (German)


User manual for FM 357-2 (English)


User manual for FM 357-2 (French)


User manual for FM 357-2 (Italian)

This version corrects the following problems:

  • Problems when using the function read or write data records with FB2 and FB3
    (see entry ID: 16882607)
  • Parameterization error in conjunction with CPU318 and manual I/O address allocation
  • Error with the axis configuration in conjunction with handling transformation
  • Incorrect path representation in trace with “Inch“ measure.


  • When using 4 axes on Profibus in conjunction with more complex programs it may be necessary to increase the time for the IPO clock rate (because of watchdog expiry).
  • When using the routing compatible FM357-2 (HW-Config), the use or the configuration of a local bus segment is not permitted. High-speed local I/Os can therefore not be used with the function "external SDB".
  • This version also contains separate basic program libraries for:
    - centralized operation of the FM357-2
    - decentralized operation with consistent data transmission via SFC14/15
    (not possible with all S7-400 CPUs!)
  • The CPU318-2DP does not support the function “consistent data“. For this reason only the FM357-2 can be used from the Hardware Configuration for “local operation“. A selection of the FM357-2 for “decentralized operation“ or with “Routing“ is not permitted in conjunction with the CPU318-2DP.

Restriction of the decentralized operation with SIMATIC S7-400 CPUs:

Because of the consistent data transmission of 16 bytes, decentralized operation is only possible with the following S7-400 CPUs. Decentralized operation in conjunction with other CPUs has not been released!


Order No. (MLFB)

CPU 412-1

6ES7 412-1XF03-0AB0

CPU 412-2

6ES7 412-2XG00-0AB0

CPU 414-2 with 128 KB

6ES7 414-2XG03-0AB0

CPU 414-3

6ES7 414-3XJ00-0AB0

CPU 416-2 with 0.8 MB

6ES7 416-2XK02-0AB0

CPU 416-3

6ES7 416-3XL00-0AB0

CPU 417-4

6ES7 417-4XL00-0AB0

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